Has it been 2 months

Its been a while since I last posted, been busy🙂 I have been revamping the ‘engine’ that runs the Predictor. After a mixed season I have redone the algorithm and how the data is collected and used, mind you last season was quite different, Leicester winning the Premiership and Chelsea finishing well outside the top … More Has it been 2 months

Bug fixed

Phew, the bug I introduced by trying to be clever has now been fixed🙂 The issues was related to columns within the flat files. 50% of my files had a certain column whilst the other 50% didn’t, this meant on the import data wasn’t in the correct place. To fix this I have put in … More Bug fixed

Bug found

After adding more data I found a bug, not happy, basically the input routine was at fault. I have sorted out the website to actually work, mind you the home shots is showing 0. So guess what, this weekend I’m applying the fix, testing it and rolling it out, happy days. The joys of end … More Bug found

More data added

So tonight I changed the ETL, I included 3 more divisions. They are the French division  Ligue 1,  the Italian Serie A and the Scottish Premiership We now have 9 different leagues. I’m hoping to get the another 10 leagues in place by the end of the month. The new data is showing Man City’s … More More data added

New updates

I’m still here🙂 I have been quiet as I have been busy working on new things, and fixing some bugs, so hopefully a few new updates will start appearing soon. Watch this space. Big Game tomorrow, City v Leicester, who is going to win that? I reckon City are too strong at home so I’m … More New updates