Its been an Age

Its been an age since my last post. Saying that I have been busy with work and things and the things have included re-development of the website and backend.

I have also been playing with Power BI a lot more. Here are some of my latest dashboards.

This chart is showing Home and Away goal difference by the current season.


This chart is showing Home and Away goal difference by various season.

This chart is showing home and away wins by teams by season, it also shows the percentage by season and it compares with the previous season to see if there has been more home wins or away wins.


It becomes more interesting when you look over more than 2 seasons.


I will be getting more active on here so keep an eye out for more posts.


Even more Power BI charts.

Another week and another Power BI chart, I’m looking forward to when we get all this good stuff in Azure.

This chart is looking at average points either at home or away for a given month and the selected teams, its all based on historical data since 2010.


There is so much more that this chart will do but I thought I would share it with you.


Power BI – Predictions

Still playing with Power BI, producing some charts for the Predictions.

This chart shows all predictions, for the test I have used 2 weeks worth of predictions.


You can select either all, not the latest or the latest predictions.



Then by selecting a game and hovering over the bubble you can see the stats, Arsenal home win against Watford, currently 0-2 down.





Power BI – Form of teams

Still playing with Power BI and looking at the data from the Predictor database.

This chart shows home and away form, the selectors on the left are for selecting League and teams


If you click the charts the data will change. I have selected the Liverpool loss at home and the away charts shows you it was Swansea.



If I select the Liverpool away losses on the away form chart, it highlights the teams that won on the home chart.



If I use the slicers and once again select Liverpool, the home chart shows Liverpool only and the away chart shows the teams and the results.



The use of Power BI makes the charts very interactive. As I’m looking at form charts I’m listening to Liverpool who are currently getting beat 1-2 at home to Wolves. January has been a bad month for Liverpool.

Demo charts & Dashboards using Power BI

Here are some charts/Dashboards that I have been playing with in Power BI, they are based on attack against defence, they are in the early stages of development so they will change and become more meaningful.

All teams from 20 leagues


Specific only


Premiership only



Simple dashboard


Simple dashboard with filters


Early stats for the coming weeks

I have been doing some early stats and fixing some more bugs, here is an interesting stat, there have been 3030 shots by home clubs resulting in 360 goals, for the away teams they have had 2605 shots resulting in 270 goals. Percentage wise that’s 11.88% home team accuracy against 10.36% away team accuracy.

Top 5 Home teams

  1. Chelsea 30 goals from 163 shots.
  2. Liverpool 28 goals from 193 shots
  3. Spurs 25 goals from 226 shots
  4. Arsenal 23 goals from 189 shots.
  5. Bournemouth 21 goals from 188 shots.

Note Man City and West Brom also have 21 goals.

Top 5 Home teams for accuracy

  1. Chelsea 18.40%
  2. West Brom 17.36%
  3. Burnley 15.5%
  4. Bournemouth 14.69%
  5. Liverpool 14.51%

There are some other stats coming this week so watch out.


Big week coming up

I forgot to post this, so hear is a post about what happened 🙂

Looks like a big game week coming up, which will also impact on my Fantasy league team.

Chelsea are the red hot favorites to win, but will Costa play? If he does then I may have to transfer Kane out and bring in Costa for my fantasy league team.


Going back to the games, I think this will happen, I will summarize what I predict and what the predictor predicts.

  • Stoke/United – United will win, they are starting to play very well.
    • AW/AW
    • Result Draw – wrong result. 1-1
  • City/Spurs – Tough call, but after a terrible lose for City and a good win for Spurs I think it will be reversed this week. City win.
    • HW/HW
    • Result Draw – wrong result. 2-2 
  • West Brom/Sunderland – Another tough one but I think the Baggies will be too strong. West Brom win.
    • HW/HW
    • Result Home win – Correct. 2-0
  • Liverpool/Swansea – If liverpool finally turn up for a game this could be a game fest. Liverpool win.
    • HW/HW
    • Result Away Win – wrong result. 2-3
  • Middlesbrough/Hammers – A draw in this one.
    • HW/Draw
    • Result – Away win  – wrong result. 1-3
  • Palace/Everton – Everton will be buoyed by the win over City, they took them apart. Everton win.
    • HA/AW
    • Result Away win – Correct result for me. 0-1
  • Chelsea/Hull – Chelsea are playing very well, hopefully Costa will be back. Chelsea win
    • HW/HW
    • Result Home win – Correct result. 2-0
  • Saints/Leicester – Neither side are playing well, but I’m going for home form. Saints win.
    • HW/HW
    • Result Home win – Correct. 3-0
  • Bournemouth/Watford – Another tough one, but the home side will triumph. Bournemouth win.
    • HW/HW
    • Result Draw – Wong result. 2-2
  • Arsenal/Burnley  – There can only be one winner, Arsenal to win.
    • HW/HW
    • Result Home win – Correct. 2-1

Not many differences. Lets see what happens.


Overall the Predictor/Me got 5 out of 10. Liverpool were the shock result, getting beat at home. Not good.